When I was born, the doctor said I would be an opera singer. My mother said I would be an artist. I turned out to be a night owl.

I live between the ocean and the Everglades, spending my days working as an art director and photographer. I see photography as a tool for reclamation, reconciliation, repentance, and rebirth. I seek to claim the gaze, the archival process, and histories, particularly by facing the whiteness and erasure within my own history and genealogy.

Thematically my interests are trauma and resiliency; inaccessible histories, memory, and personal geography; spaces and what we allow to exist in them; the idea of home and disappearing places; female kinship, flesh, embodiment, the rituals of femininity; and visualizing the threads that tie things together and the invisible boundaries in society and ourselves.

I identify as a woman, feminist, latinx, a living legacy of colonial inequity, American, Southern, Floridian, mother, and visual artist.

I guess mama was right after all. Mom’s always are.

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